Software License Review Data Points

When we're conducting one of our software license review services for a client (SQL Server License Optimization, Microsoft License Review, Microsoft EA Optimization etc) we generally prefer to use our own on-line SAM platform to gather a software and hardware inventory. There's a number of reasons for this, primarily...
  • It allows our client to benchmark their existing inventory system and identify any possible shortcomings in configuration, feature set etc.
  • It reduces the workload on our client, as we take responsibilty for data collection. This can otherwise be a slow and arduous task for clients.
  • It helps us deliver the project in days rather than weeks as the one tool is able to pull back all the required data from various data sources (Active Directory, Desktops & Servers, HyperV, VMware etc) in minutes.
If a client chooses to take responsibility for inventory gathering themselves, then these are the data points we generally require in order to conduct the license review service.
For Each Device
Device Name
Device Domain/Workgroup Name
Serial Number
Device Type (Desktop/Laptop/Server)
Operating System
Operating System Version
Operating System License Key
Operating System Product Identifier
Virtual/Physical Device
Virtual Host Name (If Virtual)
Asset Tag
Processor Name
Processor Count
Processor Core Count
MAC Address
IP Address
Last User Name
Usage (Production/Development/Training)
For Each Microsoft Product Installation
Device Name
Device ID/ Serial Number
Add/Remove Programs Product Name
Add/Remove Programs Product Manufacturer
Add/Remove Programs Product Version
Product Edition(If available e.g. Enterprise or Standard for SQL Server)
Product Identifier(If available e.g. 70145-336-4475886-57326 for Microsoft Office Professional 2003)
Product SKU(If available e.g. 02257-210-8077337-49500 for Microsoft Office 2010)
Install Date
Last Used Date
Usage (Production/Trial)
Active Directory Export (Device) - For Each Domain
Distinguished Name
Device Name
Domain Name (FQDN)
Domain Name (NetBIOS)
Operating System
Operating System Service Pack
Operating System Version
Last Log On
Active Directory Export (User) - For Each Domain
Distinguished Name
User Name
Domain Name (FQDN)
Domain Name (NetBIOS)
Display Name
Email Address
Physical Delivery Office Name
Last Log On
HyperV, VMware, XenServer – For Each VM
Host Name
Host Domain Name
Host Operating System
Host Operating System Version
Host Processor Name
Host Processor Count
Host Processor Core Count
Host Cluster
Guest OS Name
Guest OS Version
Guest Active State
Guest Live Migration/VMotion Enabled
For Each SQL Server Instance
Host Name
Product Version
Product Edition
Citrix – For Each Published Product
Product Name
Product Version
Product Edition
Product User Group Members
Over the years we have become pretty efficient at gathering this data on behalf of our clients. That's generally the option we recommend!


Jon is a data and automation nut. Armed with his weapons of choice - c++, c# and PowerShell and with his black belt training in Microsoft Excel, there is no task too small or too simple for Jon to confuse and complicate by attempting to automate it!

Jon is a founding partner of Sam360.


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  • Finally we've found a system that tells us what's installed, what requires a license and what's actually used. I wish I had this years ago!

    William Farrell, IT Manager, Killeshal,
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