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I call it 'Software Metering'. The sales guys call it 'Usage Analytics' I guess that's why they don't let me talk to clients 🙂 Whatever it's called, understanding

  • who uses what applications,
  • how they are used,
  • from what locations and
  • from which devices
has all sorts of benefits.

I've never been involved in a 'Software Metering', excuse me, 'Usage Analytics' project where we didn't find at least one of the following...
  • Large swaths of unused software
  • Software being used in a manner not compatible with it's licensing T&Cs
  • Users accessing software that IT was sure was 'Locked down'
  • Personal devices accessing company resources against IT policy

One common licensing faux pax occurs when companies allow employees to access the Microsoft Office suite through Citrix. Office, as we all know, is generally licensed on a per device basis. It's not unusual to see some users accessing Office applications from their android phone and iPad and Windows notebook, internet cafe etc etc. Each one of these devices now needs its own Office license. Eeeek! The employee just cost their employer more in Office licensing than salary 🙂

Of course - that's all changing. Through Office 365, Microsoft now licenses Office on a per user basis. There are multiple plans. There are even more Add Ons. With greater choice, comes greater complexity. It's more important than ever to have a clear view of who actually needs what software.

For companies considering a move to Office 365, software metering allows them to build a small number of 'User Profiles' with specific software usage patterns and needs. We can use these profiles to efficiently plan migrations to Office 365 - who really needs just email, or just web applications and who needs the full client suite and from how many devices.

Answering these questions is important to the success of your migration.


Jon is a data and automation nut. Armed with his weapons of choice - c++, c# and PowerShell and with his black belt training in Microsoft Excel, there is no task too small or too simple for Jon to confuse and complicate by attempting to automate it!

Jon is a founding partner of Sam360.

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  • Finally we've found a system that tells us what's installed, what requires a license and what's actually used. I wish I had this years ago!

    William Farrell, IT Manager, Killeshal,
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